Dross Self Dumping Hopper

The Dross hopper is used to handle hot materials its unique design helps to dissipate and cool hot materials reducing the stress of the heat on the hopper.

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Length: 52 in.
Width: 38 in.
Height: 31 in.
Lip Height: 28 in.
Size: 1/2 CU. YD.


Length: 62 in.
Width: 40 in.
Height: 38 in.
Lip Height: 34 in.
Size: 1 CU. YD.


Length: 62 in.
Width: 53 in.
Height: 38 in.
Lip Height: 34 in.
Size: 1 1/2 CU. YD.


Length: 67 in.
Width: 57 in.
Height: 46 in.
Lip Height: 35 in.
Size: 2 CU. YD.


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The Dross self-dumping hopper has a dual wall construction / solid interior 3/8" steel box with 1/4" steel vented exterior box for cooling of hot materials.

Suggested uses include: hot metal castings and hot forging, hot glass etc. Big and Easy pull-down handle release Safe & Easy
Laser cut Rock'N'Roller design Zero maintenance
Formed steel top, side and support rails add extra strength to this open design