About Hippo Hopper

The Hippo Hopper self-dumping hoppers standard design features have established these hoppers as a leader in the industry for EASE OF USE, DURABILITY AND SAFTEY. All our standard self-dumping hoppers are designed to roll forward for a complete dump and then roll back to an upright locked position. The unique big & easy pull down handle design helps make the Hippo Hopper one of the easiest in the industry to operate.

Each hopper is fitted with a drain plug and is constructed of laser cut parts welded together to form a watertight box. This feature allows the user to capture reusable fluids, prevent the leaking of wet materials and control liquids that could damage the environment.

We have engineered the Hippo Hopper around the needs of our customers. Our customers wanted a hopper that would not bend or break in the heaviest and abusive applications. Each and every Hippo hopper will service this need.

The Hippo Hopper self-dumping hoppers will solve your scrap and bulk handling needs and increase productivity at a low cost for many years.