Parts / Accessories

Hopper Casters

All HIPPO HOPPERS can be fitted with casters for moving into tight locations around the plant or for special applications. Price quoted will be for a set of 4 casters 2 rigid and 2 swivel.

Hopper Lids

Our center hinged, steel lids allow the front and/or back of the lid to be raised independently or latched down for security while dumping. [construction sites, cnc machine shops, plant maintenance, limited space operations, etc.]

Hopper Lids (with Dust Collars)

Standard Lid with Collar. Sealed Single Piece Lid (Reguires hopper modification). [Dust Collection Unit].

Hopper Security Straps

Security strap added to base of hopper attaches to fork truck to keep hopper from sliding off of forks.

Hopper Springs

Springs for your Hippo Hopper

Hopper Sticker Packs

Sticker Packs for your hippo hopper

Hopper Tarps

Vinyl Tarp kits.

Hopper Valves

Drain shut off valve kit.