Rotator Boxes

The Rotator Boxes are designed to be dumped using forklift trucks with a rotator attachment or an overhead crane. Generally used for collection of alloys, sheet material and used parts. Watertight a with drain plug, stackable and available with 2 way and 4 way fork pockets.

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Length: 48 in.
Width: 48 in.
Height: 36 in.
Lip Height: 36 in.
Size: 2 CU. YD.


Length: 48 in.
Width: 48 in.
Height: 48 in.
Lip Height: 48 in.
Size: 2 1/2 CU. YD.


Length: 48 in.
Width: 60 in.
Height: 48 in.
Lip Height: 48 in.
Size: 3 CU. YD.


Length: 48 in.
Width: 72 in.
Height: 48 in.
Lip Height: 48 in.
Size: 3 1/2 CU. YD.


Length: 48 in.
Width: 84 in.
Height: 48 in.
Lip Height: 48 in.
Size: 4 CU. YD.


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The Monkey Box is designed for the collection and storage of scrap and bulk material. It also has the added ability to be stacked when full and dumped using a forklift equipped with fork rotating attachment. The heavy duty 6500 lbs. capacity box is available in 2, 2.5, 3.5 4, 4.5 and 5 cubic yard models. Along with these standard boxes we can custom design and build a box to meet your specific application. Our standard model has 2-way entry channel with 4-way entry option available and the following upgrades casters, lids, lifting eyes and option paint colors. Standard heavy duty model includes following construction features:

Water tight all welded carbon steel box with drain plug
12 gauge sides with 3/16" gauge bottom
3"x1/4 channel top rail and side rail supports
Channel base with fork pockets on long side of box (optional 4-way available)
Standard paint: Industrial Gray enamel, with optional colors available