CNC Dump Cart

Extra wide and low 90 degree dump cart with push handle. Designed for the collection of scrap when floor space is limited and height is restricted.

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Length: 42 in.
Width: 50 in.
Height: 33 in.
Lip Height: 27 in.
Size: 1/2 CU. YD.


Length: 42 in.
Width: 63 in.
Height: 33 in.
Lip Height: 27 in.
Size: 1 CU. YD.


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This hopper dumps to a full 90 degrees when attached to forklift. Along with our standard 1/2 and 1 cubic yard model custom sizes can be built to meet your specific application.

Pull back handle release - Safe & Easy
Smooth pivot style dump action
Rectangular tubing fork pockets security strap
3/16"Watertight box
Casters and push handle standard