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Crane Hopper Self-Dumping Hoppers

(6500 lbs. capacity)

The Hippo Hopper Self-Dumping Crane Hopper is designed for use in manufacturing plants, mills and heavy construction sites for fast, safe and economical handling of bulk material and scrap. The hopper can be maneuvered in to place with over head crane and easily dumped by pulling down on lever for a full 90 degree dump. The smooth bucket interior allows for the clean, complete dumping of materials. After dumping the Crane Hopper easily returns it to its upright latched position.
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Crane Hopper

HH04CD1/3 CU. YD.590 lbs.6500 lbs.42"38"20"46"
HH08CD1/2 CU. YD.500 lbs.6500 lbs.36"38"24"46"
HH16CD1 CU. YD.864 lbs.6500 lbs.53"44"30"63"
HH24CD1 1/2 CU. YD.1090 lbs.6500 lbs.62"46"34"63"
HH32CD2 CU. YD.1178 lbs.6500 lbs.65"48"36"65"
Pull-down handle release with bolt action lock - Safe & Easy
Constructed of 1/4" plate and reinforced in high stress areas with 1/2" plate
"T"Bar Lifting Arm with shackle style lifting design for easy hook up
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