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Recycle & Refuse Self Dumping Hoppers

(2000 lbs. capacity)

The perfect Hopper for all kinds of recycling & refuse material. Great for paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum cans, dry material, rags, glass, wood, floor dry, refuse, etc. Material stays dry, keeps out unwanted pests and helps control odors. The powder-coated finish provides a long lasting durable surface for appearance and easy cleaning.
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Recycle & Refuse Hopper

HH16RR1 CU. YD.554 lbs.2000 lbs.63"36"62"34"
HH32RR2 CU. YD.759 lbs.2000 lbs.63"72"62"34"
Safe, Big & Easy pull-down handle release
Drain plug standard on all hoppers -- No extra Charge
Laser cut "Rockin'Roller" design -- Zero maintenance
Water tight welded container boxes

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