Bolt Together Hoppers

Our Bolt Together Hoppers and boxes are unique to the industry. They are specifically design to provide a light duty container that will ship in multiple units with considerable savings in freight. All units are shipped unassembled and bolt together easily on site.

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Length: 63 in.
Width: 41 in.
Height: 38 in.
Lip Height: 38 in.
Size: 1 CU. YD.


Length: 70 in.
Width: 57 in.
Height: 45 in.
Lip Height: 45 in.
Size: 2 CU. YD.


Length: 70 in.
Width: 86 in.
Height: 46 in.
Lip Height: 46 in.
Size: 3 CU. YD.


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Each part is precision made and powder coated for a long lasting and smooth finish. Choice of powder coat colors on non-stock orders is available at no extra cost. Bolt Together Hoppers are currently available in 1, 2 and 3 cubic yard hoppers.
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